Expecting Rotation in S&P Futures

The US Senate’s passage of a bill to monitor Hong Kong’s automony has threatened prospects for a China-US trade deal. Overnight downside momentum in S&P futures has been limited, however, and price now lies in proximity to a high gamma level at 3100. This should provide support for further auction market rotation ahead of US Federal Reserve policy meeting minutes at 2:00 PM.

To make your week’s earnings, trade what is expected to move.

In this watchlist, the column to the right calculates what the options market, last Friday, expected in terms of a percentage move in price …for the week ahead (this week).  That’s up or down. To make a living wage, you have to trade the movers.  Expected move, based on implied volatility, is a one week ahead estimate that portrays what the options market anticipates will be moving.  So far this week, it’s pretty good guidance.