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Your Risk Scores

Human Machine Interface II

Our research is focused on better understanding the body’s bidirectional communication system known as the gut-brain axis. Specifically, we examine how individual variations in genes and gut microbiota influence both trading behaviors and the psychological response to aversive moves in the market. A chronic and maladaptive stress response has been shown to contribute to low-grade neuroinflammation and to impaired decision making.

Our clinical diagnostic algorithms:

⋅  match multiple genetic variants, including pleiotropic genetic variants, to Gene-wide Association Studies (GWAS) and large scale meta-analyses
⋅  cluster lead variants by behavioral associations and provides references for two or more GWAS studies for multiple SNPs
⋅  assemble a polygenic screen for individual differences in emotional reactivity, impulsivity, cognitive flexibility, and the propensity to take risk
⋅  calculate genetic risk scores for each gene panel using the weighted sum of the risk allele counts with each investment behavior
⋅  display aberrant genetic variants, ranked by effect size and zygosity
provide personalized recommendations for allocations to value or growth