Training the Centaur Investor (4-Day Retreat: $3,500)

Imagine coming together to enjoy kayaking beautiful Sarasota Bay, beach biking the white sands of Siesta Key, or meditating with a group of like-minded companions as the sun sets over the Gulf of Mexico.

Course Description

Every day, your educational staff will provide an easy-to-understand presentation followed by a Q&A session. We’ll cover the basics of genomics, the effect of individual genetic variation on risk appetite, the role of gut microbiota in brain health, and key topics related to AI-powered investment options.

The course teaches techniques scientifically proven to reduce the negative impact of stress and cultivate a focused awareness of the present moment. Throughout the retreat, you’ll received guidance and support for laying the groundwork for an adaptive response to stress and an prosperous relationship with AI-enabled investment vehicles.

Here’s a sample of what we’ll cover:

⋅ review the scientific evidence that correlates investment decision making to emotion control
⋅ describe intentional cognitive strategies that support a stable and consistent approach to investing
⋅ introduce the concepts of genetic variation and gut microbial homeostasis as they underpin responses such as loss aversion, anticipatory anxiety, fear conditioning, and reward expectation
⋅ examine the actions of neuropeptides on brain regions regulating higher cognitive function, emotion regulation, and economic decision making
⋅ discuss the relationship between stress and the perception of risk, volatility, and uncertainty
⋅ discover why human-machine investing outperforms pure algorithmic trading in many of today’s markets

A Typical Retreat Day

A typical day starts with a short walk, some stretching, and meditation. After a healthy breakfast, we set off on a guided adventure. The program uses adventure to bring passion and companionship into being. In the afternoon, we return to base camp, listen to a scientific talk, and then take some time for swimming, massage, or a nap. Following a vegetarian dinner, you are free to rest, relax, or come out for trail biking, a historic tour, or sunset walk.

Need More? (Intensive Lifestyle Intervention (Concierge Care) $5,000)

Experience how self-insight can provide the strongest foundation for health and well-being.  Feel like you need a structured program, individualized support? Enroll in one of our emotion regulation programs and learn how your genes, gut microbiota, diet and other lifestyle choices can systematically be optimized to improve both your decision making and your quality of life. (1,2,3)

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